January 26, 2024
City of danville

Utilities Update - Fall 2023

Over the last year, the City of Danville has reorganized its utility billing system including transitioning to monthly billing and launching a new billing & payment software. As with any conversion of computer data between competing vendors, there have been issues for the City and its utility customers during implementation.  The City is working to resolve these as they arise and appreciate your patience during this time.  

The new payment software, InvoiceCloud, provides more options for customers to view their bills, manage payments and monitor their utility accounts.  The City of Danville staff is available to answer any regarding these changes. You may contact the water department at 859-238-1200, option 1 and 1, or e-mail, or visit City Hall Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Billing & Payment Policies have not changed as a result of the new payment software. Bills are due on the 10th each month and the following information may be beneficial to avoid delinquency.

Please be aware that the City does have a limited number of phone lines, and staff, which can result in challenges during this transitional period, and patience, in that regard, is appreciated as well.

Regarding the new billing & payment software, InvoiceCloud:

  • Customers are encouraged to review all payment options at
  • Phone payments should be made by calling the new payments-only line at 866-771-1193, which will allow for customer service representatives to assist other callers more effectively.
  • If you typically pay online, be sure that you are using the new payment portal powered by InvoiceCloud. The previous portal, recognized by the url www.drfrey should not be used to make payments in the future.
  • Bills are due on the 10th day of every month. On the 11th day a late charge is automatically applied to the customer’s account.  The final deadline and cutoff period for delinquent accounts is the last week of each month. Payments which are not received in a timely manner will be subject to disconnection.
  • A reminder or courtesy call is sent to delinquent customers indicating the final schedule for disconnection of service. If the City of Danville Water Department does not have your up-to-date contact information you may not receive that call. Please be sure to contact the Water Department to update your information.
  • If you make an electronic payment, other than in-person during the cutoff period, you should also contact the water department to verify it has been credited to your account. Due to the processing period for various financial institutions, your payment may have not been received in time to avoid the cutoff list. A customer service representative will be happy to verify the receipt of your delinquent payment and move towards a solution.
  • If your account is placed on the delinquent cutoff list, which occurs if payment is not received by the deadline communicated in the courtesy call, a $25 reconnect fee must be paid, along with the delinquent amount, in order to have services restored.

City of Danville Utility Customers now have access to multiple payment methods including Online Payments , Pay by Phone 866-771-1193, and Pay By Text.  Customers can sign up for AutoPay and receive email notifications regarding due bills and payment confirmation.  All of the new options are accessible 24/7.  

Again, please contact the water department at 859-238-1200, option 1 and 1, if you have questions regarding your account.

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