Boards & Committees

Airport Board

Operates airport facilities.

While KRS 183.132 I (4) provides for joint appointments, the Mayor/Judge have traditionally appointed three members each.

Beautification Committee

To develop a comprehensive plan for city beautification


Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners meets twice monthly and makes decisions that affect the entire City on everything ranging from personnel to contracts. They also adopt ordinances that regulate not only how the City government is run, but also set codes that affect residents and businesses within the City of Danville.


Cemetery Committee

It shall be the responsibility of the Cemetery Committee to develop and administer a written plan for the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees or other growth on all cemetery lands of any character whatsoever. Such plan will be presented annually to the Board of Commissioners and upon their acceptance, an approval shall constitute the official plan for the City. (b) The Cemetery Committee shall also advise the Board of Commissioners concerning other worthwhile activities to improve the physical environment and the aesthetic quality of the Cemeteries.

Area Funeral Home Directors are considered to be ex-officio members

County Board of Assessment Appeals

To hear appeals on property taxes

This is a county board. The Mayor of Danville is entitled to make one appointment because the City has the largest assessment using the county tax role. Each member of the board shall have extensive knowledge or real estate values, preferably in real estate appraisals, sales, management, financing, or construction. The appointment of the Mayor shall be a certified real estate appraiser unless the Mayor provides sufficient proof of his inability to secure such a person.

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