Project Updates

Update May 22, 2018:

As of May 22, meters are being replaced for customers in Book 6. See the map on the Project Overview page to determine which Book corresponds with your address. Currently, the Project is 60 to 70% complete.

An important component of the project is an alteration of customer accounts with new meter I.D. numbers and in some cases unit of measure changes. As with any project in which computer data has altered the possibility for data duplication or other data corruption exists. The City's project is not immune to these issues and as the project has occurred City staff has worked diligently to eliminate the possibilities in advance as well as to make corrections immediately or as soon as possible upon their discovery.

One example of import data issues is "usage billing duplication". It occurs change out when the timing of the meter register reset artificially adds usage to the customer account. Upon discovery of the sensitive nature of the timing of the data alteration, City staff took steps to eliminate continued issues. However, the Contractor scheduling has caused this to occur again in the April billing cycle. While the problem isn't widespread within the utility system it does have the potential to impact customers within two specific meter routes. When identified the City is able to make corrections to the account.

If you have questions about your billing please call City Hall at 859-238-1200 with questions. You can also visit us on our website for other project information.