The Mayor in the City Manager Plan outside of his position as a member of the Board of Commissioners is the only titular head of the City. KRS 83A.150 explicitly states that aside from being recognized as the head of government by the Governor for purposes of military law, the Mayor shall have no regular administrative duties. All executive power is vested in the Board. The only duty of the Mayor outside his position as a member of the Board is to make and execute all bonds, notes, contracts, administer oaths, and written obligations authorized by the Board. As a member of the Board, he is a presiding officer (KRS 83A.150[3]).

Like his commission plan counterpart, the Mayor cannot appoint someone to fill in for him while he is temporarily absent, but instead, a Mayor Pro-Tem is selected from among the commissioners to serve in his absence. If the Mayor's disability extends for 60 consecutive days, the Board may declare the office to be vacant (KRS 83A.1SO[3]).