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Welcome to the Online Home of the City of Danville Budget.
The City of Danville is beginning the budget process which is one of the most cumbersome yet important tasks that the community faces annually.  Prioritizing what is distributed where affects everyone within the community, and it is important that everyone feels involved in an open and collaborative process.  We hope this page will be helpful in keeping you informed in the process and provide any needed information.  

General Information

FY2015 Budget

FY2014 Budget

FY2013 Budget

FY2012 Budget

Recommended Budget Process for FY2012-2013 Budget
  1. Feb. 1: Individually, commissioners request analysis of programs, services or costs that will be researched for potential inclusion in the budget;
  2. Feb. 1: Budget Request Packets will be mailed (with new Agency Agreement and instructions) to all currently funded city-county agencies and community agencies;
  3. Feb. 9: A public hearing will be held for citizens to provide input regarding new or existing services and desired priorities in funding (a report of findings to be made);  February 9, 2012 Special Called Mtg-Citizens Listening Session Agenda  Advocate Messenger: "Danville seeks public input on budget"
  4. Feb 23: the City Manager will present the report of findings to the City Commission concerning citizen service needs and priorities.  The Commission will present their "Agenda for Action" items.  The City Manager may suggest service and capital needs as may be necessary.  Issues/Ideas will be compiled for consideration at the next meeting.
  5. March 8: The City Commission will review all needs identified by others and themselves and will develop a "Budget Priorities List" to be included in the preliminary budget/capital budget.  The Commission will also provide direction regarding anticipated changes to tax levies, if any.  The City Manager will recommend salary/benefit cost adjustment (if any).  These priority budget items are to be used in preparation of the first preliminary budget.
  6. April 5th: (Cancelled & Rescheduled for April 12th). A PRELIMINARY BUDGET for operational and capital purchase will be presented to the Commission for review that will include consensus goals of the City Commission established March 8, personnel/benefit cost changes (if any) as previously recommended by the City Manager; an a lump-sum allocation to fund city-county agencies and a lump-sum allocation to fund community agencies.  Following review, the Commission may give direction on desired changes to be incorporated into a recommended budget.
  7. April 19th: The City Commission will hold a hearing to receive and consider requests of city-county agencies and community agencies regarding funding in the budget.
  8. May 3:  The City Commission will hold a hearing  to allocate city funds to city-county agencies and to city nonprofit agencies.  Changes may be requested regarding personnel or other costs that would be incorporated into the recommended budget.
  9. May 17th: The recommended FY 2012-2013 Budget and transmittal letter will be presented to the City Commission.  The recommended budget will be reviewed.  Changes, if any will be made and incorporated into the Final FY 2012-2013 Budget.
  10. May 29: -FIRST READING OF FINAL FY 2012-2013 BUDGET.

Agenda for Action

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